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November 25, 2020  

Miss Murder: Girl Fights and VHS Cults

Whats up tribe, this week has all the trigger warnings as per usual.

Heather covers the Teen murderer Katrina Sarkissian who was living the rebel teen life and it ended in murder

Kitsie covers the Life story of Andrea Yates.  All the red flags were there, but it just apparently wasn't enough

Moronic Misconduct shows you just because you burgle, doesn't mean you can't be polite too.

The girls will be on hiatus through the month of December, so enjoy some time with your family, and tell them about our little podcast about crazy bitches.  I mean Holidays and Murder, they go together, right? Be kind.



November 18, 2020  

Miss Murder: The Original Hipster

This was our very first LIVE podcast, And we want to thank Amy at the JCPL for having us.


Kitsie covers the horrendous murder of Mariam Rice and just how it was solved over 30 years later.


Heather tells us about the family drama sparked by Stacey Castor and how she may be the worst mother ever.


Moronic Misconduct reminds you to floss your teeth and often.


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November 11, 2020  

MissMurder The Jealous B!tches Episode

Whats up Tribe? Here's the latest installment of murder mayhem and booty junk, for your listening pleasure-ish.

Kitsie Covers the Story of That Bitch Ciara Harp and how she was caught when the victim video taped their murder, oh and then her own mom read her the riot act from the stand.

Heather brings us that old timey goddess like only she can, when she tells us the horrific tale of Tilly KIimeck, and we can't lie, we'd have totally hung out with this one!

Moronic Misconduct has police fishing a $20 bill and a crack pipe out of some chicks ass.  You can't make this stuff up people.


flow.page/MissMurder for the good stuff

November 4, 2020  

Miss Murder: Next Level Sadistic Sh!t

Join us if you will on an adventure to the world where Bitches just be crazy!


Heather tells the story of that bitch Melissa Huckabee, and how she could be the most horrible woman we've talked about on this show.  Trigger Warnings EVERYWHERE!!

Kitsie Dives into the story of Ezra McCandless and her narcissistic little love triangle.  And why that jail hair just isn't working out for her.


Moronic Misconduct, has a bank robber leaving behind his name and address.


Join us next week for more crazy bitches.


October 28, 2020  

Miss Murder: I Hate These Stories, Tell Me More

This weeks stories are:


The Papin sisters of France, go bat shit crazy.


Taylor Morton is the worst kind of bitch there is.


And in Moronic Misconduct news: A man eats his underwear to try and fool a breathalyzer.

October 21, 2020  

Miss Murder Sounds a Bit Cultish

Wassup tribe, this weeks episode will not disappoint! Unlike the 90's reference I started with.

Heathers story of Sachiko Eto is not for the faint of heart.  Heather dives into her first Japanese Serial Killer, and you may want to sit down for the Drumstick Killer.

Kitsie has our first Murder with a Happy Ending, She talks about why Francis Chow had been in the news lately and we find out just who did kill her parents.

Our Moronic Misconduct story was sent in by friend of the show Ursula and may make you cringe next time you know someone who says they have PMS.

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October 14, 2020  

Miss Murder: It Gets Worse

This weeks stories all come from overseas.  So pack your bags tribe we are headed to the UK for this extra long episode….  We’re taking like 2 hours people, we’re so sorry.


Kitsie, is nervous to tell you the horrifying story of Rosemary West, please know this story is FULL of trigger warnings, and is a doozy.  This woman is the epitome of evil.


Heather tells the us the story of The Black Widows of Liverpool Catherine Flanagan and Margaret Higgins, and we also try and figure out just what a Market Pocket is, or was.


Our Moronic Misconduct has a burglar that tidies up.  Never thought you’d be wishing to get burgled, did ya?


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October 7, 2020  

Miss Murder it’s the Pickles

Welcome back tribe for another installment Miss Murder.  Where we talk about ladies who kill.

Heather dives into the the insane Middle School Lesbian Drama that ended in the needless murder of Shandra Sharer.  This one will have you infuriated!

Kitsie tells you the short but not so sweet story of Lucy Cruz head over heels in love with Gloria Rivera, and Lucy decides if she can't have her no-one will.  And then goes forth with lamest excuse ever.

Our Moronic Misconduct story (let us know if you hate that) Has a drugged up on bathsalts perp who put up random family's Christmas Decorations.


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September 30, 2020  

Miss Murder The Niki Kelly Episode

Happy half way to the weekend tribe members!  Who's ready for some True Crime and a glass of wine, Unless you're driving of course.


This week is Pretty much brought to you by Niki Kelly, she had sent in both Heather and Kitsie's murders this week , so we have dubbed her Creative Producer this week.

Heather Tells the story of Shelly Michael.  Her Pinterest Perfect Life is turned upside down, and if we tell you anymore, well we'll spoil it!

Kitsie tells you the story of a heartless bitch who kills a very successful business man in the 90's from Lewisburg WV.  Sex Lies and Video tapes has nothing on this bitch!

And our Crazy Crime of the week has a wife shitting in the kitchen of her cheating husband!


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September 23, 2020  

Miss Murder Everybody Gets to Finish

It's Fall Y'all!  Welcome back Tribe, Heather and Kitsie have the goods for you again.

Kitsie Tells the story of Murderer Sharee Miller when AOL was king and You could get aways with Murder online!

Heather brings out the big guns and covers the infamous case of serial killer Aileen Wuornos, who it turns out Kitsie has a soft spot for.

And this weeks Absurd Crime takes us back to Florida with the moral that everyone should get to finish, or you pay the consequences.


Same time, same place next week tribe.  Until then stay outta the way of those crazy bitches.


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